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PaliumNeedle (MGK1)
Gauge x Length Coaxial
item with
MGk11210 12G X 100 mm 44mm 2.50/2.17 mm PT11043 MGC1210
MGk11213 12G X 130 mm 74 mm 2.50/2.17 mm PT11073 MGC1213
MGk11215 12G X 150 mm 94 mm 2.50/2.17 mm PT11093 MGC1215
MGk11216 12G X 160 mm 104 mm 2.50/2.17 mm PT11103 MGC1216
MGk11220 12G X 200 mm 144 mm 2.50/2.17 mm PT11143 MGC1220
MGk11410 14G X 100 mm 48.5 mm 2.42/2.17 mm PT13044 MGC1410
MGk11413 14G X 130 mm 78.5 mm 2.42/2.17 mm PT13074 MGC1413
MGk11416 14G X 160 mm 108.5 mm 2.42/2.17 mm PT13104 MGC1416
MGk11420 14G X 200 mm 148.5 mm 2.42/2.17 mm PT13144 MGC1420
MGk11610 16G X 100 mm 48 mm 1.93/1.70 mm PT15045 MGC1610
MGk11613 16G X 130 mm 78 mm 1.93/1.70 mm PT15075 MGC1613
MGk11615 16G X 150 mm 98 mm 1.93/1.70 mm PT15095 MGC1615
MGk11616 16G X 160 mm 108 mm 1.93/1.70 mm PT15105 MGC1616
MGk11620 16G X 200 mm 148 mm 1.93/1.70 mm PT15145 MGC1620
MGk11810 18G X 100 mm 48 mm 1.52/1.32 mm PT17046 MGC1810
MGk11813 18G X 130 mm 78 mm 1.52/1.32 mm PT17076 MGC1813
MGk11815 18G X 150 mm 98 mm 1.52/1.32 mm PT17096 MGC1815
MGk11816 18G X 160 mm 108 mm 1.52/1.32 mm PT17106 MGC1816
MGk11820 18G X 200 mm 148 mm 1.52/1.32 mm PT17146 MGC1820
MGk11825 18G X 250 mm 198 mm 1.52/1.32 mm PT17196 MGC1825
MGk11830 18G X 300 mm 248 mm 1.52/1.32 mm PT17246 MGC1830
MGk12010 12G X 100 mm 48 mm 1.13/0.95 mm PT19046 MGC2010
MGk12013 20G X 130 mm 78 mm 1.13/0.95 mm PT19076 MGC2013
MGk12016 20G X 160 mm 108 mm 1.13/0.95 mm PT19106 MGC2016
MGk12020 20G X 200 mm 148 mm 1.13/0.95 mm PT19146 MGC2020

PaliumNeedle (MGK1) is a tru-cut disposable needle suitable
for use with Palimu reusable gun and Magnum ® reusable gun. The device, is equipped with:
- Cannula made with AISI 304 steel;
- “Menghini” sharpening that allows an atraumatic precise cutting of the tissue;
- Centimeter markings on the cannula surface to easily settle the insertion
depth with the maximum safety for the patient.
The handle includes a luer fitting to allow connection
to the syringe for the aspiration or injection of anesthetic.
Needle size with international colour codes is stamped on the spacer and on the primary packaging.
The stylet is made of
- a triple face ultra-sharp tip to penetrate easily also into fifi brous
- a 20mm specimen notch for the capture of samples.
Echogenic marker enhances the ultrasound visibility.
The set includes a spacer with side entry to ease the placement of
the needle into
the automatic system.
It is suitable for stereotactic procedures.

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