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ProMag Service Center

Ihr Zertifiziertes Service-Center für ProMag Biopsiegeräte


Palium (PL) is an automatic, reusable device equipped with
a sequential advancement system of cannula and stylet.
Designed to get a high quality of the core specimen.
Ultra-sharp tips and polished surfaces for a better entry and exit.
Powerful dual spring system for consistent and excellent core samples.
Rapid-fi re action.
Small size and lightweight. One hand activation to provide an easy
access to the tissue sample.
Dual penetration depths for fl exibility and
convenience (22mm or 15mm).
The samples can be taken with just one shot of the button.
Can be easly wielded with just one hand.
May be sterilized with conventional methods.


  • Side entry for MGK1 needle spacer
  • Safety to avoid accidental fi ring
  • Trigger site on the rear
  • Safety button
Sequential loading system
that requires a slight activation force.
Advancement length: 15 - 22mm.

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